Category 1 – Adding a business entry

How do I add a business entry?

Posting a business listing on BusinessListPH is completely easy!
chinese王伦宝gy玩奴 Simply follow the instructions below:

Click on “Add business” in the top navigation bar on the BusinessListPH homepage.

  • Search for the proper category for your listing and narrow it down by choosing a sub-category.
  • You will be asked to log in before proceeding. If you still do not have an account, click on “Register to continue. You will be redirected to the listing posting page after entering your email address.
  • Enter a company name and description.
  • Enter tags to help you specify your listing so that it can be found better.
  • Now you can add your company logo and related pictures to your listing Select your preview image if you have more 2 or more images.
  • Enter an address and check if it is correctly displayed on the map. Alternatively, you can directly click on the map to enlarge it and mark your location.
  • If your listing looks ok, click the “Post your entry” button or click “Preview” to modify it.
  • You will receive an email from BusinessListPH to confirm your listing and activate your account (as necessary).

How can I include images in my business listing?

chinese王伦宝gy玩奴On the “Add business” page or the “Manage your listing” page, click on the “Choose File” below the Tags section. Select a picture file from your computer’s hard disk and click “OK” or “Open”. The picture is then uploaded and attached to your business listing. The uploaded pictures need to be in either jpeg, gif or png format and they can have a maximum size of 8 MB each. Each business entry can have up to 10 pictures. Adding pictures to your business listing will significantly increase credibility and hence its success.

chinese王伦宝gy玩奴Furthermore, you can also use the HTML “img” tag to embed images. In this case, your images need to be already accessible on the web.

Can I use HTML tags or URLs in my business listing?

BusinessLitsPH does allow HTML and linkable URLs in business listings on the site.

How can I increase the chance of getting a good response to my business listing?

To increase the chance of getting a good response, follow these simple tips:

  • Add one or more photos to your listing. At least use your company logo.
  • Add as much details about your business in your listing.
  • Enter tags to help you specify your listing so that it can be found better.
  • Tell your friends about BusinessLinkPH. The more people who use BusinessLinkPH, the more responses you’ll get!

Even better: Purchase Premium Features for your listing now. Draw the most attention to your listing through prominent placement on the site. For more details on Premium Features, please go to our info page.

How can I list my business in multiple cities?

BusinessLinkPH purpose is finding local businesses. Please post your business directory listing only in the city (and the country) where your business is located. You also have the option to list your company in all cities where your company offices are based.

It is also possible to reach a wide range of customers in other cities or even nationwide. For more visit our premium section and we can help you.

Can I also post my listing beyond my current city/nationwide?

Since BusinessLinkPH is a local business directory, we advise you to always place your listing in the city where your business is registered. However, you have the opportunity to purchase the City Extension to expand your reach. This Premium Feature allows you to place your listing beyond city limits and within the greater region. You can even post a listing nationwide.

The option to place a listing in a certain region that is not in or close to your city, is not available.

What is the BusinessLinkPH Seal of Approval?

chinese王伦宝gy玩奴Before a listing is published on BusinessLinkPH it will be reviewed by our team. Once your listing is approved you will receive an email with the code for your BusinessLinkPH Seal of Approval. You can embed it into your website or blog to show that your listing has met the BusinessLinkPH quality standards. This can increase the trust factor among your customers and business partners.

You can also find the BusinessLinkPH Seal of Approval codes when you log in to your account and go to “My Listings”.

Why do I have to change the title of my listing?

chinese王伦宝gy玩奴In order to be admitted to the BusinessLinkPH business directory the title of the listing must contain basically the name of your company. A slogan can be added optionally.

How do I edit/add/delete pictures to my listing after it has been posted?

Adding images to your listing:

  • Log into your account at “My BusinessLinkPH”
  • Click “My Listings”
  • Click the notepad icon “Edit” at the bottom of each entry.
  • You are now on the interface to edit your ad
  • To delete the image, check “Delete this image”
  • To add images click on the “Choose File” button and choose your image
  • Preview your listing before confirming your modifications by clicking on the “Preview” button at the bottom of the page
  • To finalize your changes, click on “Update your entry”

How can I find out how often my listing has been viewed?

Log in at “My BusinessLinkPH” and click on “My Listings”. You will find an overview of all your listings here. The number on the rightmost side is the number of views, near the duration counter for your listing.


Category 2 – Posting Problems

Why have I not received a confirmation email?

If you haven’t received a confirmation email, consider checking your spam folder. If you can’t find the email there, please contact us via our Contact Us Page or email us at

Why does the map on my business listing not show the correct address?

chinese王伦宝gy玩奴This may occur, if the postal code you entered was incorrect. To fix this problem, edit your listing and be sure to list your postal code. To learn how to edit your listing, follow the link below.

Why was my listing not approved?

There are several reasons why a business listing may not have been approved:

  • The title did not contain the full company name.
  • The listing violated our Terms Of Use.
  • The listing was posted in multiple cities. (BusinessLinkPH is about local businesses, so make sure you only post in your city.)
  • The same listing was submitted several times.

How long do business entries last on the site?

The duration of a business listing is 365 days.

Please go to “My Listings” to check how much longer your listing will remain active. BusinessLinkPH will also inform you about your listing status via email. A link you can use to renew your listing will be sent to you via email a few days before your listing expires.

How can I edit, repost or delete my business listing from the site?

chinese王伦宝gy玩奴You may log in anytime via “My BusinessLinkPH” if you want to modify or delete your listing. The overview of your listings can be found under “My Listings”.

How do you archive business listings?

chinese王伦宝gy玩奴If a business listing expires without being reposted, it is automatically archived. This means that the listings is still accessible on the site. However, it will not be included in any search results.

chinese王伦宝gy玩奴If your business listing has been archived, you can still use our service feature to get your business back into our search index.

How can I report any scam emails I receive?

If you get any suspicious messages from BusinessLinkPH users, please report them by using “Report abuse” at the bottom of each message, or forward the messages to us using our Contact Form

The new “My Messages” allows you to exchange messages directly through the BusinessLinkPH platform, which provides you and your email account with the highest amount of protection and safety from possible fraud.

chinese王伦宝gy玩奴Remember that the best protection from scams is to transact with people in person in your own city. And, as always, if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Why was my listing deleted?

There are several reasons why a listing may not have been approved, including:

  • The listing violated our Terms Of Use.
  • The listing title did not contain the full company name
  • Users flagged the listing as being spam or offensive.
  • The listing was posted in multiple cities. (BusinessLinkPH is a local platform, so please ensure that you only post in your city and your country.)
  • You have posted the same listing multiple times in the same or different categories.
  • You posted a classifieds ad promoting a product or service and not a business listing that introduces a business.

You can find more information on what is prohibited on BusinessLinkPH in our Terms Of Use.


Category 3 –  About Business Listings on the Site

How can I contact the advertiser of a business entry?

Replying to a business entry is completely free. To contact the advertiser of a business listing, use the contact information displayed on the listing or use the contact form on the right side of the listing page. Provide your email address and confirm it through the link which we will send you via email. “My Messages” is secure and protects your personal information. Through “My Messages” you can send an inquiry to the business you wish to contact anonymously.

BusinessLinkPH does not have any additional contact information of the advertiser other than what is already displayed in the listing.

What should I do, if I see a business entry that I think is spam, offensive, miscategorized or illegal?

chinese王伦宝gy玩奴If you see a business entry which you think is illegal, prohibited or otherwise a bad fit for the BusinessLinkPH site, please flag it by clicking on “Flag this listing” on the upper right side of the listing’s page or use our Contact Form to report the problem.

What recourse do I have if my transaction has gone bad or if I have been defrauded?

If you feel that your transaction with another BusinessLinkPH user has gone bad or you have been cheated by a fraudulent business entry on the site, please let us know about it (using our Email or Contact Form).

chinese王伦宝gy玩奴If appropriate, you should contact the police to pursue criminal charges.

chinese王伦宝gy玩奴Remember to trade locally and transact in-person to reduce the risk that your transaction will “go bad”.

Does BusinessLinkPH mediate upon problems between businesses and customers?

BusinessLinkPH is not involved in business transactions between businesses and customers. Any problems or questions regarding an offer must be taken up directly with the business. In cases of fraud or similar issues, we recommend contacting your local police directly.

How do I find out when my listing on BusinessLinkPH expires?

chinese王伦宝gy玩奴There are two ways to find out when your listing on BusinessLinkPH expires.

1. Log in at “My BusinessLinkPH” and click on “My Listings” on the left navigation bar. You will find an overview of all your listings here. The number on the rightmost side is the number of views, right beside the duration counter for your listing.
chinese王伦宝gy玩奴 2. We will send you an email shortly before your listing is about to expire. This email will contain a link with which you can renew your listing.

I saw a business listing on BusinessLinkPH that is outdated. How can I send the corrections?

If you are the owner of the company, please use the “Claim listing” link at the bottom of the listing text. If you are a concerned user with a suggestion, please send customer support a scanned copy of the business card or a link to the company’s website where the updated info is displayed.

My business is listed on BusinessLinkPH, but the information is incorrect. How can I change them?

If you are the owner of the company, click the “claim listing” link beside “Your company?” to claim the listing and apply changes.

I tried to claim a listing, but it has already been claimed. What should I do?

chinese王伦宝gy玩奴Please contact us directly and please send us more information that proves you have the permission to update company information. It could be a scanned copy of your business card, a letter head of your company that states your name or an abstract from the business registration.


Category 4 – Registration

How can I register for an account?

Registration is very simple:

  • Click on “My BusinessLinkPH” at the top right corner of the BusinessLinkPH homepage.
  • Click on “Register in 20 seconds”. Type in your email address. Click on “Register for free”.
  • You should receive an email which contains an activation link for your BusinessLinkPH account. After clicking on this link, you can may complete your account details and set your password. Please read the Terms Of Use and leave a checkmark on the box to finish creating your account.

* You can also register on BusinessLinkPH by using your Facebook or Google account.
chinese王伦宝gy玩奴 When the pop-up appears, simply enter your email address, password and click “Sign in/Log in”. Confirmation of your email address is not necessary in this case.

Am I automatically registered when I publish a listing on BusinessLinkPH?

Yes. You will be prompted to create an account or log in before you can finish posting your listing. In the future, if someone wants to contact your business, you will receive an email from BusinessLinkPH with a link to access “My Messages”.
chinese王伦宝gy玩奴 If you wish to only contact businesses and not post a business listing, you will still need an account.

What are the advantages of an account registration?

Registering for an account offers these advantages:
chinese王伦宝gy玩奴 View your favorite listings anytime, anywhere

  • Manage and edit your listings easily
  • Read and answer your messages anytime

We have integrated an exclusive messaging center; “My Messages”, into all BusinessLinkPH accounts. “My Messages” offers advertisers as well as anyone interested in the listing, the opportunity to communicate anonymously and thus protect your privacy as well as prevent your email account from getting spammed, since the exchange of messages takes place directly on the BusinessLinkPH website. This not only simplifies the communication, but also gives both parties the option to decide when they are ready to share their personal information and contact details with the other party.

How can I log in to my account?

chinese王伦宝gy玩奴In order to log in to your account, you have to enter your email address or username and password at My BusinessLinkPH, located on the upper right corner of the home page. Please remember the email address that you chose when registering an account because you will need it in case you forgot your username or password.

chinese王伦宝gy玩奴You may now view of all of your listings and you can edit and/or delete them as you wish.

What can I do if I forgot my password?

To get a new password, click on “Log In” at “My BusinessLinkPH”. On the page, click on “Forgot password?” and enter your email address or username. We will then send you an email with a link that allows you to enter a new password. In the future, you can use your new password to log in.

How can I delete my account on BusinessLinkPH?

Here are the steps to delete your account on BusinessLinkPH:

  • Click on “My BusinessLinkPH” at the top right corner of the page.
  • Click on “Log In” and enter your email address or username and your password.
  • Delete all your existing ads under “My Listings”
  • Go to “Settings” then select “Delete account”
  • Enter your password and confirm this by clicking “Delete my account”.

Your account will now be deleted.


Category 5 – Premium Features for Business listings

chinese王伦宝gy玩奴How can I make my listing stand out from the rest?

When you want to make your listing stand out, BusinessLinkPH allows you to do so with Premium Features. There are three different options to choose from in order to make your listing more visible to users.

chinese王伦宝gy玩奴To begin, simply select one or more of the three options available: Gallery Listing, Top Listing and Premium Listing.

chinese王伦宝gy玩奴You also have the possibility to upgrade your “Top Listing” with the Pole Position as well as the City Extension.

* It may take up to an hour before the Top Listings are seen on the site.
Gallery and Premium Listings are visible within 15 minutes after the payment has been confirmed.
Always reload the page to check your Premium Features online.

What are Premium Features?

chinese王伦宝gy玩奴Premium Features make your listing stand out. Therefore, your listing will be seen more often and be successful faster. You can choose one or more of the three BusinessLinkPH Premium Features: Gallery Listing, Top Listing and Premium Listing.  Also included with Premium Features BusinessLinkPH will include your company in all Email Blast, Website Blast Advertisements to other members, customers, clients and help to drive traffic to your website through our own initiatives.

What is a Gallery Listing?

chinese王伦宝gy玩奴The Gallery Listing makes it possible for you to have your listing directly in the Category-Gallery, on the right side of every page in your selected category. The Gallery Listings are showcased in rotation, if the amount of purchased Gallery Listings exceeds the space in the Category-Gallery.

What is a Top Listing?

If you select the Top Listing feature, your listing will always appear at the top of the results page for your chosen category. It will be the first listing seen by users. In addition, your listing will be labeled with the word “TOP”. This also allows your listing to stand out from the others on BusinessLinkPH. If several users add the Top Listings feature for the same category, the Top Listings will be displayed on a rotating basis at the very top of all other listings.

The Pole Position is shown above all Top Listings and on every consecutive page of the category as a sponsored listing. It appears in rotation with other purchased Pole Position listings.

chinese王伦宝gy玩奴When selecting the City Extension feature, your listing will be sponsored in other cities in your region. If this option is purchased nationwide, your listing will appear in all cities in the Philippines.

The City Extension is only available in selected cities.

What is a Premium Listing?

The Premium Listing feature removes all other forms of advertising from your listing. This allows users to view your listing without distraction from external promotional ads such as banners. In addition, your Premium Listing will be specially marked with a Premium label on the results page for your chosen category.

How do I use Premium Features?

If you have decided to use one of the Premium Features, you must first log in and enter your business details as usual on BusinessLinkPH. Afterwards, you can choose one or more of the Premium Features and their duration. You will then be forwarded to the checkout page to make your payment for the selected Premium Features.
You can also add Premium Features if your listing is already online. To do this, just log in and go to “My BusinessLinkPH” and click on “My Purchases”. You may then proceed with adding Premium Features to your selected listing by clicking on “Purchase now!”.

Can I add Premium Features to my existing listing?

chinese王伦宝gy玩奴Yes, please log in to “My BusinessLinkPH” and go to “My Listings”. Click on “Add Premium Features” on the listings you want to upgrade. Here you can choose your preferred Premium Features and their duration. You can buy a Premium Feature for a minimum duration of one month.

Which payment methods can I use for Premium Features?

chinese王伦宝gy玩奴We accept most of the common payment options used worldwide. You can select which works best for you when you go to the Premium Features checkout page.  We accept paypal, LBC, Cebuana, BDO, BPI, Union Bank local deposits aswell.

What is the cost of Premium Features?

chinese王伦宝gy玩奴The cost depends on which feature you choose from the Premium Features available per category. You can review the price of each, along with the duration after you have placed your listing on BusinessLinkPH. The minimum duration for Premium Features is 30 days.

Will I receive a receipt after the payment is complete?

Your receipts (proof of payment) can always be viewed, downloaded and printed once logged into your account. Access “My BusinessLinkPH” and click on “My Purchases”, then select “Invoices”.

The invoice(s) (proof of payment) will be sent to you at the beginning of the next month after you have purchased a Premium Feature(s)

How can I remove my published listing with Premium Features?

If you have created a listing with Premium Features and it is already paid for, it is possible for you to delete the listing. The fees however, are non-refundable for Premium Features.

Will I get my money back, if my listing with Premium Features is deleted?

chinese王伦宝gy玩奴If your listing violates our Terms Of Use or if your listing has been reported by other users as a scam or spam, and BusinessLinkPH deletes your listing for any of those reasons, we cannot refund any fees already paid for Premium Features. Please read our Terms of use policy.

I set my Premium Features on autorenew. Now I want to cancel it. Can I request a cancellation effective immediately?

You may cancel your auto-renewal by logging into your BusinessLinkPH account, selecting “My Auto-Renewals” and clicking on the corresponding shopping cart icon.

I paid via bank transfer a few days ago. Why are my Premium Features still not active?

chinese王伦宝gy玩奴Bank transfers usually take 3 working days to process. If you made the payment more than 4 days ago and you still have not received a confirmation from us, please get in touch with customer support immediately and include a digital scan or copy of the bank receipt as well. Indicate the bank transfer transaction number and the corresponding payment reference number so we can follow up for you and activate your Premium Features immediately.

I cannot find my Premium Features Listing/s online.

These are the possible reasons:

  • You did not refresh your browser or reload the page before checking the site again (CTRL+R). Top Listings with City Extensions will take up to an hour before they are visible on the site. This is due to our database update process.
  • Pole Position Listings are shown in rotation when there are multiple purchases. Keep reloading the page to make the listings rotate until your listing is shown.
  • You might be looking in the wrong category or location. Please check the email we sent you to doublecheck.
  • In some cases, the payment processing takes longer. Until we receive a confirmation, your Premium Features Listings will not be activated.

chinese王伦宝gy玩奴The transferred amount will only be used up when the Premium Features are online.


Category 6 – General Questions:

What is BusinessLinkPH?

BusinessLinkPH is a local business directory.

You can use the site to post a business entry or to find a proper business in your area. Give it a try!

How can I find out if there are new posted listings related to my searches on BusinessLinkPH?

chinese王伦宝gy玩奴On BusinessLinkPH, you have the option to save your searches. Just indicate all your search specifications and then type in your email address and select the email frequency at the bottom of the same page.

chinese王伦宝gy玩奴You can now expect to receive emails about new listings related to this search via email.

You can also manage your saved searches under “My BusinessLinkPH”. After logging in, select “My Searches” from the menu and click on it. From the “My Searches” overview, you may view, edit or even delete your saved searches.

What is My Favorite Listings and how can I use it?

My Favorite Listings is another service for our BusinessLinkPH users. It allows you to save listings that you find interesting and review them at a later time, or contact the advertiser of the listing. To add companies to your list of favorites, simply click on the gray star icon next to the listing’s title or on the right side of the listing on the category results page. A second click on the star will remove the listing from your favorites’ list.  At the top right corner of the page you will see the same star icon with a number next to it that indicates the number of listings that you have added to your list of favorites. Clicking on that star will let you see your full list of favorite listings.

How can I contact a BusinessLinkPH employee?

chinese王伦宝gy玩奴If you have any questions regarding a listing or if you encounter problems on BusinessLinkPH, use our Contact Form to get in touch with a BusinessLinkPH customer support employee.